Ponderings with Steve Uppal

Daniel sat down with Steve Uppal, Senior Leader of the All Nations Movement, to discuss the way in which Covid-19 and the coinciding social tensions around race and other inequalities have shaken our society. In the midst of this turmoil, Daniel asks Steve, ‘What’s the shape of things to come?’

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National Executive Director at FaithAction | Website

Daniel is a gifted speaker, particularly on the topics of how community groups can partner with government, the role of faith in local services, and how to engage the community in local action.

Daniel previously worked as a history teacher in a London secondary school and later as training and development manager for a large voluntary sector organisation in east London.

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Steve Uppal

Steve Uppal is married to Esther and has four children: Bethany, Sophia, Joel and Judah. He is the Senior Leader of the All Nations Movement which is a growing family of churches and ministries. Together with his wife Esther, Steve leads All Nations Church Wolverhampton. Steve has authored four books and features on daily radio programs on UCB as well as several TV programmes. A large portion of his time is spent travelling and speaking in different settings across the world. Steve seeks to use social media as a platform to inspire, provoke and give insight into doing life well; he believes that a healthy life is one which takes into account spiritual, physical and relational health.